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The Renaissance Festival Podcast is now providing an Adult Only version to our show.

Bawdy: dealing with sexual matters in a comical way; humorously indecent.

Though this show is sexual in nature, we strive to keep it in good taste.

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Aug 17, 2017



Otto Correct by Chaste Treasure from Questionably Chaste

Johnny Get Off the Goose by 3 Pints Shy from The Burlap Album

Kicked in the Balls by Righteous Blackguards from Just the Tip

The Key Song by Angels (Heroines In Disguise) from Nerdy, Dirty, and Flirty

A Little Bit Tipsy by Aaron...

Jul 15, 2017


The Renaissance Festival Podcast

The Q.U.A.S.O.R. Podcast

It's the Axel the sot show. by Axel the Sot from Raising Ale

A Port In Every Girl by The Jolly Rogers: from Loose Cannons

No Balls At All by Iris and Rose: from The Bust of Iris and Rose

Sin by Hey Nunnie, Nunnie: from Hey Nunnie,...

Jun 15, 2017

Black Leather Bands by Bedlam Bards from Take Out The Trash

Before My Face by Iris & Rose from Two In The Bush

Confession by Friar Finnegan from New Pub Songs

Kitty Song by Belles of Bedlam from Little Pleasures

Cockerel Song by The Merry Wives of Windsor from Happy Endings

Captain's Wife's Lament by Chaste Tresure...

May 15, 2017

All the Renfolk by Friar Finnegan from Please don't play this for your kids.

Otto by Chaste Treasure from Questionably Chaste

O!O by Craig of Farrington from Easy Being

Me Amazing Petting Zoo by Axel the Sot from The Trouble with an Orgy

Nelly the Mermaid by Poxy Boggards from Anchor Management

Big Little Problem by

Apr 10, 2017

Hosted by: Willie Shakespeare

Nipples by Friar Finnegan from Please don't play this for your kids.

50 Shades (Of Our Favorite Things) by 2 Merry Men from Bawdy, Drunken, Song-Filled Merriment

Bang Away Lulu by Axel the Sot from Raising Ale

Love With A Priest by Barleyjuice from Six Yanks

Has Anybody Seen My Cock by