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The Renaissance Festival Podcast is now providing an Adult Only version to our show.

Bawdy: dealing with sexual matters in a comical way; humorously indecent.

Though this show is sexual in nature, we strive to keep it in good taste.

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Apr 10, 2017

Hosted by: Willie Shakespeare

Nipples by Friar Finnegan from Please don't play this for your kids.

50 Shades (Of Our Favorite Things) by 2 Merry Men from Bawdy, Drunken, Song-Filled Merriment

Bang Away Lulu by Axel the Sot from Raising Ale

Love With A Priest by Barleyjuice from Six Yanks

Has Anybody Seen My Cock by Bedlam Bards & Andruss from Barnyard Bedlam
- A Cock and Bull Story

Big Little Problem by Bell Book and Canto from Poor Life Choices

Granny's Advice by Belles Of Bedlam from Folked Up!

Nuns Don't Get It (Sex Acts) by Better Than Nun from #NunLyfe

The Farmer by The Bilge Pumps from Brigands with Big'uns

The cuckoo's nest by Jesse Linder from The Bramble and the rose



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