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The Renaissance Festival Podcast is now providing an Adult Only version to our show.

Bawdy: dealing with sexual matters in a comical way; humorously indecent.

Though this show is sexual in nature, we strive to keep it in good taste.

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Mar 3, 2024

The Bawdy Song performed by Whirly Jig from the album entitled Thing A Ma Jig
You can find out more at the Facebook page handle whirlyjig."
"Johnny performed by Battlelegs from the album entitled The Soup Mages
Out of central Minnesota's dark, mysterious forests come three penniless day-shift prisoners bearing the ultimate weapons of sonic annihilation, namely, the acoustic guitar, the Cajon, and the accordion.
Ando, Lance, and Kasey grew up playing together in cold garages, basements, living rooms, and military training facilities in various rock and pop bands and later moved to clubs, colleges, and bars all over Minnesota.
You can find out more at the website

A Pirate's Tale performed by Blackjacks n' Blarney from the album intitled Bite Size
You can find out more at the Facebook page handle blackjacksnblarney."
The Cuckoo performed by Capt'n Black's Sea Dogs from the album entitled Tales of the Black Dog
Capt’n. Black’s Sea Dogs is based out of Springfield Missouri.
And have been performing their unique Folk-Rock sound since 2008.
The Dogs feature tight harmonies accompanied by numerous string instruments drums and whistles.
This exciting group performs a diverse repertoire comprised of both original music and traditional songs of the sea.
The Sea Dogs come from a wide variety of musical backgrounds and influences, including Celtic, Rock, Bluegrass, Native American, Choral groups, and musical theater.
You can find out more at the Facebook page handle seadogsmusic. 
The Hairs Of Her Dickey Di Doh performed by Axel the Sot from the album entitled Bottled Up!
Axel the Sot is the alter-ego of Scott Hendricks, performing at Renaissance Festivals for over 25 years! 
Armed with a salty smile, quick wit, charisma and charm, Axel is the ORIGINAL Drunken Sailor!
You can find out more at the Facebook page handle AxelTheSot.
A Lusty Young Smith performed by Craig o'Farrington from the album entitled 20 Years of Spicy Delights
The Minstrel Lutenist – Craig of Farrington is a musician/songwriter – a wandering minstrel.  His specialty?  Love songs … Serenades, on his chosen instrument:  the LUTE.  His repertoire, over his thirty years of minstrelsy, is vast and varied.  Look for his REQUEST show, to hear his many ‘renfaire’ songs, covers of his friends’ songs, and his own compositions.  He also knows a lot of ‘naughty’ songs, and performs his sing-along pub show, ‘THE BAWDY BEAUTIFUL’ once a day.   And when he can, he also frequently sings and plays bass with THE NEW MINSTREL REVUE.
You can find out more at the website
Castrating Katy performed by The Musical Blades from the album entitled Full Frontal Piracy
Since the turn of the century, a fearless band of misfit rogues has been terrorizing and delighting the Midwest with a unique blend of hilarity and harmonies. 
Since 2000, The Musical Blades have brought their unique brand of “renaissance rock show” to countless renaissance festivals and clubs across the United States.
With soaring harmonies, rocking mug-bangers, and side-splitting comedy, the Musical Blades bring something for everyone. 
They offer a range of musical styles from pub chant-alongs, to rowdy folk-rock favorites and tear-jerking sea ballads.
 This pirate crew plunders the hearts of audiences wherever they go. 
The Musical Blades are equally at home with acoustics and hand drums as they are with electric guitars and a full drum kit.
You can find out more at the Facebook page handle themusicalblades.
The Crayfish performed by Merry Mischief from the album entitled Lusty Ditties
You can find out more at the Facebook page handle MerryMischief."